Published March 27, 2012 by hedmanperformancegroup

Trans-Dapt Performance Debuts New Polyurethane Engine Swap Motor Mount Kits & Transmission Crossmembers

At its very core, hot rodding is about taking a vehicle you’re passionate about and stuffing as much power and technology as possible under the hood. From early Cad-swapped Model As to late model LS powered street machines, engine swaps are the essence of the hobby. With that in mind, Trans-Dapt Performance Products – a leader in all-steel and standard rubber motor mount and transmission crossmember technology for nearly half a century – has unveiled a new line of Engine Swap Motor Mount Kits and Transmission Crossmembers with rugged, ultra-durable polyurethane mounting pads.

By resisting flex and deflection, polyurethane mounts channel more power to the tires than standard rubber mounts. The result is a better foundation for your motor swap and improved performance. New Trans-Dapt Performance Engine Swap Motor Mount Kits are available for dozens of applications, featuring engine and chassis combination specific designs. Popular kits include Jeep CJ and YJ V8 Swaps, Small Block and Big Block Shoebox Chevy swaps, and a wide variety of LS and Vortec swap kits. Kits include laser-cut steel brackets, polyurethane pads, and mounting hardware.

Trans-Dapt also offers a wide variety of Transmission Crossmember kits with Polyurethane pads. Crossmembers are manufactured out of 0.114” thick wall tubing, are fully MIG welded and include all necessary mounting hardware. Vehicle Specific Crossmembers include putting C4, C6 and TH350 automatics in 1953-64 Ford Pickups and putting TH400 automatics in S10 pickups and Blazers. Universal models are available for 700R4, 4L60E, T56 and other transmissions in standard height or with an optional 3” or 6” drop, and are designed for use with 26” to 36” wide open channel frame rails.

Trans-Dapt’s Polyurethane Engine Swap and Transmission Crossmember Kits include all necessary hardware, and are Proudly Made in the USA. For more information on application availability, visit www.tdperformance.com.

Hedman Hedders began as a one man shop in 1954. Bob Hedman, founder of Hedman Hedders, sold his highly sought after exhaust tubes to fellow racers on the dry lakes of the Mojave Desert. In the years since, the Hedman Performance Group has constantly reshaped itself to meet environmental requirements and incorporate computer technology to ensure that its products offer the best performance improvement possible for street, race and off-road vehicles. With the addition of Hamburger’s Performance Products, Trans-Dapt Performance Products and Hedman Husler Hedders, the Hedman Performance Group continues to develop the best performance proven parts in the industry with a focus on making parts in the USA. For more information please visit www.HedmanPerformanceGroup.com

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