The Hedman Falcon Gets a New Pair of Shoes.

Published March 30, 2012 by hedmanperformancegroup

The 1964 Hedman Falcon with Rocket wheels and Toyo TiresThe 1964 Hedman Hedders Falcon Project is off and rolling. The car is slated to be tested by Popular Hot Rodding Magazine for preliminary handling and stopping baseline numbers.  But first, the 20+ year old hides that were on there needed to be replaced. Knowing the old school tires wouldn’t “cut the mustard” in today’s performance environment, the decision was made to upsize the rims with a set of two-tone Fuel rims from Rocket Racing Wheels. Knowing that the fenderwells on this bird were confining, we chose to go with a modest 17″ x 7″ rims, fitted with some sticky 215/45/17 Proxes 4 tires from TOYO.

Here is the other option we considered, but after the votes were counted, the smooth, clean look of the rounded hub came out victorious.Here is the Rocket Racing rim with Knock-offs

Stay tuned for more improvements to the Hedman Falcon Convertible…

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