Remote Recon: Armored Jeep That Debuted At Moab Gets Trans-Dapt Oil Filter Relocation Kit

Published April 3, 2012 by hedmanperformancegroup

Photo Courtesy of Venchurs Vehicle Systems

If you’ve heard of Moab, you’re probably already an off-road guy and won’t need much of an explanation to understand how utterly cool the 2012 military-spec, armored Jeep built by VWerks and pictured above is. If you haven’t heard of Moab, it’s a town in Utah close to a massive collection of world-class off-roading trails. For a week every year around Easter, that sleepy town becomes the epicenter of everything Jeep and captures… the attention of the off-road community worldwide. Naturally, with such a large audience, companies like to debut new vehicles and that’s what VWerks did this year when it unveiled its Recon JK8.

Last year, VWerks built a wild Jeep with a truck bed conversion for the father and daughter that star on Discovery Channel’s reality show “Sons of Guns.” It was a hit and VWerks decided to one-up itself and build the Recon JK8. The company took a new four-door Wrangler and chopped it up in order to hang an armored truck bed in the back. They also decided to set the bed up with caged provisions for a gunner’s perch, topping it off with mounting spots for an M2 “Ma Deuce” and M240 machine gun. The testosterone doesn’t stop there; VWerks solidified Alpha Male status with military-style rear bumpers along with GenRight metal fenders and the customary winch mounted to a monster steel bumper below H.I.D. lights with enough candle power to tan zombies.

Where Trans-Dapt enters the picture is is under the hood. VWerks wanted its Recon JK8 to have the power to back up its menacing appearance so they tossed out the original engine, replacing it with 390-horsepower, 407 ft-lb of torque and 5.7 liters of American Hemi muscle. Everything looked good and operated flawlessly at the Recon JK8’s public debut, but out on the trail in extreme conditions, the long-travel suspension and big tires started moving in some unexpected places,coming a little too close for comfort to the retrofitted engine’s oil filter. The solution they came up with was simple: Make a quick run to the parts store and grab a Trans-Dapt Oil Filter Relocation Kit.

On Hour One of Day One of a week-long event, the star of the VWerks lineup was sidelined, but with some quick thinking by the VWerks team, we’re happy to report the Recon JK8 is back up and on the trails with its fellow Jeep kin. Enjoy the rest of your week, fellas!If you want to see the full article on the Recon JK8 and other vehicles VWerks took to Moab, Motor Trend put together, here’s the URL

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