Bigfoot Dominates In Virginia Beach Homecoming

Published May 17, 2012 by hedmanperformancegroup

Photo Courtesy of Dustin Hart/

Summer hasn’t officially started yet, but the action was heated on the shores of Virginia Beach this past weekend as Bigfoot and seven other monster trucks hit the Virginia Beach sand for the annual King Of The Beach competition.

After showing up for the inaugural event in 2000, Bigfoot and driver Dan Runte were on hiatus from the East Coast stop for nearly 13 years, but made the homecoming  worth it for fans when Runte wheeled the massive pickup and its Hedman Husler hedders to the top of the field, being crowned King Of The Beach along the way.

The road wasn’t an easy one as Runte and Bigfoot faced several local monster truck drivers on their home turf, but Runt and Bigfoot were still able to squeak out wins in three of the four racing portions of the three-day event. They also fared well enough in the wheelie and freestyle categories to find themselves at the top of a tightly-knit field of drivers to take home the first George Carpenter Cup over local icons Steve Sims and Stone Crusher who finished only nine points behind Bigfoot.

Bigfoot and Runte hope to continue to ride the Virginia Beach wave of success this upcoming weekend at the Allen County Fairgrounds in Lima, OH at the 27th Annual Spring 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals. For more information, visit

Final Standings after 4 events at Virginia Beach:
1. Bigfoot, Dan Runte                             290pts
2. Stone Crusher, Steve Simms              281
3. Backdraft, Jeremy Slifko                     247
4. Gunslinger, Scott Hartsock                 228
5. Tailgator, Doug Noelke                        225
6. War Wizard, Randy Moore                  211
7. Eradicator, Andy Slifko                       210
8. Monster Magic / Hooked                    180

Scoring: 90pts available each performance ( 30/wheelies, 30/racing and 30/freestyle).  360 total possible.

Individual performance results:
Friday Night: Stone Crusher
Wheelie: Stone Crusher
Racing: Bigfoot
Freestyle: Stone Crusher
Saturday Afternoon: Stone Crusher
Wheelie: Stone Crusher
Racing: Bigfoot
Freestyle: Stone Crusher
Saturday Night: Stone Crusher
Wheelie: Stone Crusher
Racing: Bigfoot
Freestyle: Stone Crusher
Sunday Afternoon: Backdraft
Wheelie: Stone Crusher
Racing: Tailgator
  Freestyle: Stone Crusher

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