Mike Nordahl Maintains Points Lead in the NMCA West Hedman Hedders Nostalgia Street Car Class After Phoenix Race

Published October 4, 2012 by hedmanperformancegroup

The National Muscle Car Association’s NMCA West series returned for its third race of the season and was held at the SpeedWorld Drag Strip in Phoenix, Arizona September 21-23 2012.  After Saturday’s qualifying session, Mike Nordahl was the top qualifier in the Hedman Hedders Nostalgia Street Car class, by far the largest class of the weekend.  Sunday’s eliminations brought five grueling rounds that included one major upset.

Mike Nordahl NMCA West

Top qualifier and series points leader Mike Nordahl started the elimination rounds off with a Bye and automatically advanced to the next round.  Steve Cox, runner up from the Pomona race and second in the points standings, took down his opponent Tom Gilliam with a superior reaction off the tree.  Local Phoenix racer Seth Polvadore caught a lucky break in the first round when his opponent left the line before the third amber which automatically moved Seth on to the next round, despite the fact that he broke out by 0.0185-seconds.

The second round was packed full of very close races and one major upset.  Steve Cox and his opponent Mike Sigman both ran within .05-seconds of their dial-in, but Cox ended up edging out Sigman with his quicker reaction time.  Seth Polvadore started to show how well he knew his setup by nearly running his 12.0 dial-in and advanced to the next round when his opponent de Hoop broke out by a fraction of a second.  Then came the upset of the day came when the top qualifier and series points leader, Mike Nordahl, ran a 10.4766 against his 10.5 dial-in and broke out after leaving the line with a fantastic reaction time of .0072-seconds.

Going into the quarter final round it was pretty obvious that Cox and Polvadore were going to be the racers to beat in this competition.  While Steve Cox had been showing off ability to consistently rip reaction times quicker than .05-seconds, Polvadore showed off his car’s ability to consistently run within a few hundredths of his dial in while also keeping his reaction times around .02-seconds.  Steve Cox advanced to the semi finals after leaving the light with another good reaction against a red-light from his opponent while Polvadore had a Bye run.

The semi finals saw Seth Polvadore up against his toughest opponent yet.  With both Polvadore and his opponent Griffey running a 12.0 dial-in, the racers left the light at the same time.  Griffey took Polvadore off the tree by four thousandths of a second and the cars traveled down the 1320 in a near dead-heat.  Polvadore was the one that reached the stripe first though, edging out Griffey by a mere .1922 seconds, and again showing his innate ability to consistently run his dial-in every time.

The final round pit the dead-consistent runs and lightning-quick reactions of Seth Polvadore against Steve Cox’s faster and more powerful car.  Polvadore left the light first with a .0189 reaction time.  When Cox left a second and a half later his reaction time was nearly double that of Polvadore.  With this disadvantage right off the tree, Cox was in for a fight.  By the time they reached the stripe, Cox had managed to edge out Polvadore by 6 hundredths of a second as Seth ran his slowest time of the day, allowing Steve to go home with the Wally.

As the sun set on Phoenix, Arizona, the series points were tallied and Mike Nordahl remained in the lead.  He is currently 200 points ahead of Steve Cox and 650 points ahead of Kenny Snow.  Even with this points lead it is still anybody’s game, which promises to make the NMCA West World Street Finals in Bakersfield, CA on October 26-28 one very exciting weekend of drag racing.

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