Published June 26, 2014 by hedmanperformancegroup

Alex_Rogeo_PSCA (2)Las Vegas, NV – Alex Rogeo and her Liquid Glow shopHEMI MAHLE Champion Spark Plugs team overcame tire issues and made it to the semi-finals in the Street Muscle class of the Pacific Street Car Association’s MagnaFuel Las Vegas Nationals presented by Goodyear Racing today. With three races left in the 2014 series Alex extended her lead in the class and remains in the hunt in Bracket-1 by staying in the top three there.

Alex’s crew chief and Editor-Publisher of MoparMax magazine said, “We brought the wrong tires to this race, and that was my fault. Testing on Friday was pretty good actually, but then conditions changed and throughout qualifying Saturday and race day Sunday, every pass was a maximum effort by me and Alex to get down the track. The car was on the razors edge, the smallest move in the setup in one direction and the tires spun at the
hit, an equally small move in the other direction and the tires wadded up and shook and hopped. We had to slow the car way down to get it off the line. We couldn’t pull any more timing without risking burning a valve, we went to the point where instead of cooling the engine between laps, we were warming it up and getting it hot to throw away horsepower. And yes, as drag racers it felt every bit as weird to do as it sounds.”

“Richard had the idea to keep the engine hot to reduce the power at launch,” Alex said. “And then I saw that this strategy was producing a repeatable, although slow for us, sixty foot. So that’s what we raced with, a hot engine and a slower launch. The car got off the line fine and still let me cut good lights, I won the first round of Bracket-1 with a .001 light against a 200 mph dragster. It wasn’t ideal, but it worked.”

Alex went into round two and random pairing matched her against Larry Pittenger, who was second behind her by only ten points in the championship chase. “As a racer you can’t ask for more than that, to have the opportunity to line up with drivers that you need to keep behind you,” said Alex. “I was able to get the win against Larry, and that’s always a tough race. On the way back to the pits we heard over the PA that we would pair with Nolan Brandt in the next round. He won the last PSCA race and was tied with Larry ten points behind me.”

Alex was able to get the win light over Brandt. “Wow, this is the first race I’ve gone into first in the points and to get the win light over first Larry and then Nolan and know that I defended that position, I couldn’t believe it. They’re both such tough racers, I was just elated.”

Alex lost in the semi-finals to Jeff Dudgeon, who went on to win the race. “It’s not that I’m happy I lost in the semi-finals,” said Alex. “It’s that I’m happy we even made it that far. We worked so hard all weekend doing things that are so different from our normal process it was rewarding to see the string of win lights that we did and leave this race still in the chase. Don’t get me wrong, with three races to go in the season and competition like we have, it’s still anyone’s championship, only a couple of rounds separating the top three. With the next race only two weeks away, it’s exciting. But that’s PSCA racing for you.”

Alex thanked her marketing partners, Arrington Performance, Magnuson Superchargers, The Driveshaft Shop, Mickey Thompson Tires, MAHLE Aftermarket, MAHLE Motorsports, Champion, Mountain View Performance, Unitrax Drivetrain, Westminster Performance Transmissions, Manley Performance, LAT Oil, Hedman Hedders, Weld Racing, Strange Engineering, Bell Racing, FTI Converters, Hot Rods & Horsepower,, Drag Racing Online, Speed Scene Live and Tony Rowe Enterprises.

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