Choosing The Best Headers For Your Pro-Touring Vehicle

Published September 17, 2014 by hedmanperformancegroup

In the past having a vehicle with a lowered stance meant either choosing a header that performed but was vulnerable to impacts or one that gave you adequate ground clearance at the expense of exhaust flow. With the increasing popularity of the Pro-Touring and Resto-Mod styles, enthusiasts need a header that can deliver both power and ground clearance. But where do you find a header that offers good exhaust flow without primaries that scrape on every speed bump? Enter the Hedman Pro-Touring Mid-Length Header.

Serving as a happy medium between long tubes and shorties, these pipes will give you the ground clearance you need without compromising your ride’s looks or abilities on the track. Mid length headers like the ones form Hedman deliver nearly the flow of a long tube header while maintaining a tucked away design. Outfitted to compliment high horsepower naturally aspirated and forced-induction engines, our Pro-Touring Mid-length headers are available in uncoated, HTC finishes for a long lasting bright finish that works to keep more heat in the header tubes for faster exhaust speeds and lower under hood temperatures, and Hedman’s new BLACK MAXX ceramic coating. These headers are also available with applications for most classic muscle cars and trucks. Built tough right here in the USA, all of our headers are backed by lifetime warranty and a five year warranty on the HTC coating.

Find a set of Pro-Touring headers for your ride.

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