Hedman Racer Alex Rogeo is Excited to Start the 2015 Drag Racing Season

Published March 11, 2015 by hedmanperformancegroup


Alex Rogeo is excited about the start of the 2015 season at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway March 14th, 2015. She will race the NHRA Summit Series that weekend, followed by the Pacific Street Car Association Magnafuel Nationals at LVMS March 22nd and finally the Mopars at the Strip race on March 29th.

“I’m always excited to start racing each year,” Ms. Rogeo said. “And this year our preseason testing has shown that our hard work over the short off season really seems to be paying off. The car is really quick off the line, extremely consistent and very predictable. As a driver, that’s about all I can ask for.”

Alex said her car is a lot lighter than it was last year. “Although, even with 250 pounds removed, at 4,040 pounds on the scales it’s not exactly a featherweight,” said Ms. Rogeo laughing. “But going wheels up at launch and running 10.20s in a car like this is a real crowd pleaser, people love to watch this big wagon hauling the mail.”

In addition to the weight loss program, Alex has new tires as well. “We received one of the first pairs of tires from the very first production run of the new Mickey Thompson Tires Pro Bracket Radials,” Alex continued. “The folks at Mickey Thompson were excited about these new tires and now we see why. They are super quick off the line and the car tracks nice and straight down track. But what really surprised us is that these tires recover from spin at the hit much like bias ply race tires do. It’s like the best of both worlds in one tire, quick and consistent.”

Alex’s crew chief, MoparMax.com Editor-Publisher, Richard Kratz said, “Arrington Performance and Magnuson Superchargers have always given us engines with great horsepower and reliability. So we spent last year and the off season working on getting that power to the ground. Last year we upgraded all of the links in the rear suspension and this year we upgraded the rearend itself. We added an ARB Air Locking differential which provides something we’ve always wanted from our Independent Rear Suspension race car, perfectly even power distribution to both rear tires.”

“We’ve got great partners that provide the best parts and service in their markets,” said Alex. “FTI Convertors has provided us with a new converter that has helped get us off the line quickly and reduce tire spin incidents. Westminster Performance Transmission has built us a NAG1 transmission that is super durable and has less parasitic drag. We now have Strange Engineering Drag Pak front brakes and they really take weight off the front end of track only late model HEMIs and provide great stopping power. We also rely on them for our center sections because they’re so dependable. Of course, we have The Driveshaft Shop to thank for the bullet proof carbon fiber driveshaft and rear axles that manage to live despite all we try to do to kill them with every launch. Mountain View Performance did a great job fabricating mounts and installing my new containment seat given the limitations of racing a production based race car and the fact that I’m only 5′ 3” tall.”

“I’m really looking forward to getting this car on the track and competing,” continued Alex. “With partners like shopHEMI.com, MAHLE Aftermarket, MAHLE Motorsports, Unitrax Drivetrain, Diablosport, Champion Spark Plugs, LAT Oil, Hedman Hedders, and Bell Racing I have strong motivation to perform as well as they do.”

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