The BIGFEET Are Coming

Published March 31, 2015 by hedmanperformancegroup


Hedman Husler Hedders has been a proud supporter of the BIGFOOT Monster Truck program since it first started 40 years ago and now fans are going to have the opportunity to see all 12 BIGFOOT 4X4 Monster Trucks together in one place.  From April 18th-19th, 2015, these mighty vehicles will be on display at the Summit Racing Equipment Atlanta Motorama, just a stones through from where the headers for their massive V8 engines are built.  This gathering is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the legendary monster truck and BIGFOOT owner Bob Chandler is excited to be able to showcase all 12 trucks in one location.

The truck and drive lineup includes:

BIGFOOT #1                “The Original Monster Truck®” – Bob Chandler (Saturday Only, time TBD)

BIGFOOT #5                “World’s Tallest and Heaviest Monster Truck” – Jim Kramer

BIGFOOT #8                “BIGFOOT’s First Tube-Chassis Monster Truck” – Bob Brown

BIGFOOT #10              “BIGFOOT’s First Mid-Engine Monster Truck” – JR Adams

BIGFOOT #11              “1995 Record Jump of 117 Feet” – Kevin Koszala

BIGFOOT #12              “First Designated Display Truck” – Ron Bachmann

BIGFOOT #14              “Jumped a Plane in 1999” – Josh Gibson

BIGFOOT #15              “Debuted at the 1994 SEMA Show” – Rick Long

BIGFOOT #18              “First Concussion BIGFOOT Chassis” – Larry Swim

BIGFOOT #19              “First CRD BIGFOOT Chassis” – Darron Schnell

BIGFOOT #20              “World’s ONLY Battery-Powered Monster Truck” – Bryan Bertoletti

BIGFOOT #21              “The Beast” – Dan Runte

For more information on the event CLICK HERE

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