Hedman Husler Hedders Dominates the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Season Opener

Published May 25, 2015 by hedmanperformancegroup


Nostalgia drag racing has been rapidly growing in popularity over the past several years thanks to its crowd-pleasing, tire-shredding, nitro-burning dragsters.  Started by the preeminent sanctioning body in drag racing, the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series is all about keeping the history of the sport alive and introducing a new generation of fans.  The 2015 season opener at Firebird Raceway in Boise, Idaho was full of close racing that came down to a battle between two Hedman Husler-equipped vehicles – War Horse and Teachers Pet.

From the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Website:

In dominating fashion, Steven Densham wheeled the “Teacher’s Pet” Camaro to his second straight Heritage Series title at the 45th NAPA Auto Parts Ignitor Nitro Opener. Presented by Peterson Chevrolet, the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series Funny Car event attracted 10 entries for this year’s eight-car qualified field.

Following a complete washout on Friday, Saturday’s qualifying was abbreviated to two sessions. With persistent 15-20 mph headwinds and temps in the lower-50s, the final qualifying list whittled down to: Steven Densham at 5.80; Kris Krabill-5.86; Tim Boychuk-5.87; Robert Overholser-5.90; Richard Townsend-5.92; Roger Garten-6.11; Marc Meadors-6.11; and Wally Giavia-6.23.  Not making the cut were Scott Stanger and Chris Davis.

During eliminations, Garten ran 5.91-241.80 to beat Boychuk, who couldn’t back up after the burnout; Densham smashed Giavia with a 5.84; Meadors (6.11-234.33) pulled off a huge upset against Krabill when the defending champ double stepped the throttle and red-lighted; and Overholser clipped Townsend 6.11 to a high gear only 6.24. In the semi’s, Garten narrowly beat Meadors, 5.94 to a 5.98, while Densham pounded out a sweet 5.81 to beat a tire-shaking Overholser.

In what could be described as a drama-filled final, Roger Garten clearly left a full car length in front of Densham. Densham would fly to another outstanding 5.81-240.25, but with a red-light start. Based on a rear wheel activated start, which produced an inaccurate e.t. (including a .719 60’ time), the time was voided and the “War Horse” was deemed runner-up. By unanimous agreement, a decision was reached and the Densham team celebrated their second big event title of the season.

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