Hedman Husler Racer Tyler Speer Lights Up the Water

Published August 25, 2016 by hedmanperformancegroup

Wheatland 173

Hedman Husler sponsored racer Tyler Speer is making quite the name for himself in the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series. He is currently second in points for the Pro Modified class but will also be racing full time in Top Fuel next season. Tyler has spent most of his life preparing for this moment and is excited to be able to compete alongside the best in the sport.

Tyler Speer was born on December 21, 1990 in Woodstock Georgia. The son of drag boat racer Tim Speer (founder of the Woodstock, GA-based service center ProBoat). From an early age Tyler always had a passion for racing. He began racing motocross at age 5 and that led him to racing go-karts at age 12. From there he moved into the Allison Legacy Series when he turned 15, where he won one event and finished fourth in the championship points during the 2009 season.


His entire racing career has been very diverse, Tyler has competed in the Allison Legacy Series, Pro Late Model and Super Late Models on dirt and asphalt as well as on road courses. He made his ARCA (Automobile Racing Club of America) debut driving for 1995 ARCA national driving champion Andy Hillenburg in 2010 at Rockingham Speedway, finishing 32nd. Tyler’s career-best finish came in 2012 when he finished 7th on the Springfield mile dirt at the Illinois State Fairgrounds.

Wheatland 1250

In 2015, he shifted from behind the wheel of a stock car to the wheel of a racing drag boat full time. Quickly Tyler learned to adapt to the change of scenery and became the number one qualifier in his first race in his Hedman Husler Hedders Pro Modified. By the second and third races of the season the team was winning rounds. By end of season, he and his team, Amphibious Motorsports, had worked themselves into a solid seventh place finish in their first full season in the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Series. He recently got licensed in Top Fuel for boats. In 2017, he plans to make the jump into the Top Fuel category full-time. The nitro-methane burning motors they run in Top Fuel boats make 8,000-10,000 horsepower, same engines that power Top Fuel NHRA dragsters down quarter mile paved drag strips.

For more information on Tyler Speer follow him on his Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/tylerspeerracing. Also follow his Twitter – @speerracing and Instagram page – @tylerspeerracing. For more information about Tyler, visit his website at http://www.tylerspeer.com.


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