The Devil Is In The Detail: Matt Hunt’s New Ford Bronco

Published April 28, 2017 by hedmanperformancegroup

IMG_20170310_220128_931Matt Hunt has built a career on innovation, having built one of the first 1,000hp Toyota Supra street cars back in the 90’s. Matt was also the first guy to put a full-body Supra in the 10s when the Battle of the Imports programs were going on, so he is no stranger to power and performance. Over time, Matt noticed that as the import scene faded, the American muscle car culture was stronger than ever which led him to evolve his company from Under Pressure to Matt Hunt Muscle Cars (MHMC). Now he is building amazing street machines for members of the NFL, UFC and others.

Matt is a true automotive enthusiast with no real restriction on what types of cars he likes. While he has had extensive background in both the tuner and muscle car worlds, he wanted to try something new and build an off-road project. Luckily for Matt he had a friend with a 1972 Ford Bronco that wanted it to be over the top awesome. So, he dropped it off at Matt’s shop, gave him a blank check, and told Matt to go wild. That is a dangerous combination, but the final result came out amazing.

Looking at this Bronco, it is hard to find a place to start because of the little details pulling your eyes in every direction. Powering this off-road beast is a Ford 347 small outputblock V8 using the fuel system from a 1992 Mustang GT and long tube Hedman Hedders (89416) connected to an x-pipe with a pair of late model Hedman Husler dirt race mufflers that give this beast a mean growl. To transfer all the power to the ground it has a Ford AOD transmission, Atlas billet transfer case, and Camburg Racing axle housings with 31 spline axles. The axle housings are modeled after the Ford 9 inch and the rear has a True Hi9 pinion for maximum drive shaft clearance. The suspension was custom made with King shocks and bump stops were used at all four corners.

_MG_7000The only thing better than the parts list for this Bronco was the attention to detail that Matt executed on it. Every inch of the body and every bolt on this Bronco was touched and it would take days staring at it to truly appreciate all of the work that went into it. Matt said, “Every build I do, I want people to look at the final product and always see something new that they didn’t see before. I guess it’s my OCD, but I spend so many hours on every little detail getting them sorted out till they are perfect then work out from there until the build is finished.”

A few details that might get overlooked are the paint which is a factory Dodge Charger color, the spray on bedliner protection that is also applied underneath the whole vehicle and on the frame rails, the custom projector headlights, and the exhaust pipes that exit before the rear tire.

Speaking of tires, this Beauty rolls on 17″ X 9″ Raceline 935B Defender bead-Lock wheels that keep the 35 x 12.5 x 17 NITTO Trail Grappler tires from spinning on the wheel, even when traversing the roughest trail or rocky ridge. We seriously doubt, however, that Matt’s masterpiece of a Bronco will ever see an inch of unpaved road.  ut4wfm8tt3ubuj0xizeok1emi

We could go on for days about how cool this Bronco is with all its details, but we will let you see for yourself. This 1972 Bronco will be at the 32nd annual Fabulous Fords Forever car show which is the west coast’s largest all Ford show taking place at Knotts Berry Farm on April 30, 2017. You can also see it on Matt’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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