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Creating the Impossible – Mid-Length Headers for Big Block GM A-Bodies

Published April 26, 2017 by hedmanperformancegroup

nikon photos 101Hedman Hedders specializes in helping vehicles unlock their true power potential and is always looking for ways to diversify ourselves from the rest, whether that means creating products for more vehicles or creating a new product segment like we did with our mid-length headers. Read the rest of this entry →

Hedman Hedders Debuts PCHRods Camaro at SEMA 2016

Published September 16, 2016 by hedmanperformancegroup


The Hedman Performance Group is excited to host the unveil the Intro Wheels Camaro built by Rob Phillips of PCHRODS at the 2016 SEMA Show.  Commissioned by Jose Moreno, the owner of Intro Wheels, this one of a kind 1969 Camaro was built to combine modern luxury with pro-touring performance.  The result is a car with the class, sophistication, and performance to rival any modern luxury sports car.  The unveil will be taking place on Tuesday, November 1st, 2016 at 10:30am in the Hedman booth (#22343) and will also be broadcast live on the Hedman Facebook page [link:].

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Published August 6, 2014 by hedmanperformancegroup

Hedman LS Swap Nova

Have you ever dreamed of dropping modern V8 power into your old school muscle car? How about dropping a supercharged LS3 into a 1972 Nova? You may have thought about it, but Norm Brown took the bull by the horns and made it happen. This Nova underwent a serious transformation to become the mean 72 muscle machine that you see here. With the help of Hedman Husler LS-swap headers and engine mounts Norm gave his Nova one heck of a heart transplant.“Those headers don’t hit the steering box, and those mounts bolt right up to the Nova sub-frame,” Norm explains. Thanks to the superb fitment of the Hedman parts the swap was painless for Norm and his ride.  Follow the jump to read more about this awesome build and to see how it all turned out.

SEMA 2013 New Product: Trans Dapt PerfectMatch Engine Kits

Published November 26, 2013 by hedmanperformancegroup


PerfectMatch Engine Kits

PerfectMatch™OEM-color powder coated engine accessories kits give you everything you need to refresh the looks of your engine in one convenient package.

Whittier, Calif. (November, 2013) – There is no better way to improve the look of your engine bay than by replacing all of the old, beat up, or rusted metal accessories and covers.  Whether you are performing a complete factory restoration or a stealthy performance build, Trans Dapt’s PerfectMatch™ products give you the high-quality replacement parts with the show-stopping appearance you are looking for.  Now, with the introduction of the PerfectMatch™ Engine Kits, choosing the right parts for your Small Block Chevy, Big Block Chevy, or Small Block Ford build has become a piece of cake. Read the rest of this entry →

SEMA 2013 New Product: Mid-Length Headers for C10 & C20 Pickups

Published November 26, 2013 by hedmanperformancegroup


Hedman Mid-Length C10 Header Group

Hedman’s new mid-length headers for small block, big block, and ls-swapped C-10s and C-20s maximize power and flow without sacrificing ground clearance.

Whittier, Calif. (November, 2013) – Chevrolet C10 and C20 pickup trucks have become one of the most popular classic trucks amongst enthusiasts thanks to their plentiful numbers, an abundance of available parts and, in the case of the C10, a stock car-style truck-arm suspension that perfectly complements a lowered stance.  Adding to the popularity of these trucks is their ability to accept just about any Chevy V8 whether it be a classic small block, monster big block, or modern LS engine.  However if your truck is lowered, traditional long tube headers can have major ground clearance issues leading to scraped and dented primary tubes.  Now, with the release of Hedman’s new series of mid-length headers, C10/20 owners can get the most horsepower possible from their C10’s engine, without having to worry about costly header or exhaust system damage caused by diminished ground clearance. Read the rest of this entry →

Hedman’s Exhaust Equalizer Systems Produce More Horses for Mustangs

Published February 6, 2013 by hedmanperformancegroup

Hedman Hedders Mustang X-Treme Pipes

Bolt-On X-pipe kits for ’86 to ’07 Pony cars smooth out sound and turn up performance.

Whittier, Calif. (July, 2012) –A true dual exhaust was the hot ticket until enthusiasts started adding H-pipes to change the sound and performance of traditional two-pipe systems. Unfortunately, turbulence in the merge area led tuners questioning how they could eliminate firing order pressure differences between the right and left banks of the exhaust manifolds, and free up more horsepower. The eventual answer to the question was the X-pipe exhaust equalizer system. The X-junction smoothly blends exhaust pulses from the left and right side engine banks to produce a smooth exhaust note, and increase volumetric efficiency of the entire system, resulting in increased power. Dyno testing of Hedman’s system for a 1985 Mustang GT, by a leading Mustang publication, demonstrated an increase of 35.3 Horses and 28.5ft lbs. over the stock, baseline dyno pulls. Read the rest of this entry →

Simplify Your Build with Hamburger’s Multi-Position Oil Filter Relocation Base

Published February 6, 2013 by hedmanperformancegroup

Hamburger's Performance Multi-Position Oil Filter Relocation PH8A hi-res

Billet aluminum oil filter relocation kits mount anywhere and plumb easily thanks to -12AN fittings and 180-degrees of rotation.

Whittier, Calif. (Oct, 2012) –Take the biggest, most powerful engine you can find and make it fit into your car’s engine bay – that is the basis of hot rodding. However, doing that can create any number of clearance issues, especially around the location of the oil filter. Even with the factory engine, there are still instances when filters can be hard to reach. Oil filter relocation kits were developed for just this reason, although with all of the different engine and car combinations, not everyone could use the same filter bases. Thankfully, Hamburger’s Performance Products has made an adjustable filter base that gives you complete freedom to mount your filter virtually anywhere. Read the rest of this entry →